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Why Boudoir?

Never mind what anyone else thinks, This is for YOU. Doing a boudoir session is an experience that will bring you closer to yourself. You not only get several hours to yourself, you get to hang out with me and my team. We talk girl talk, we pamper you, we guide you, we laugh and sometimes cry, but you get to feel like the Queen you are! As I guide you through the entire process from choosing your lingerie out of my 250+ options to guiding you through every pose, you will feel like a new woman when you leave

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Hi!! I'm Shalee

Your Northern California Boudoir Photographer

I've been helping women and couples with confidence building and body positivity for 8+ years. Boudoir is a great way to have some Me Time, look sexy, feel sexy and fall in love with yourself again.

Let's chat about your big day. It's your turn.

Hope to see you through my lens soon.

Willits, CA

Yes, this can be you!!

I walk you through every pose from head to toe. I promise you can do this!

What the ladies are saying


"I am so much more confident"

"I did boudoir and was completely blown away by the results! I've been wanting to do them for some time now. I was so worried I wasn't ready, but after spending the time with Shalee, I am so much more confident and feel like I am so much more than what I let myself believe." ~Emily

woman on her back arching

"One of the most empowering and confidence boosting experiences"

"I never thought at age 44 I’d be doing a photo shoot like this 😅 I have to say this was one of the most empowering and confidence boosting experiences I’ve ever had. I’m sharing some of my photos with you to inspire other women to feel the same way. Shalee does an amazing job at capturing all the amazing parts that make you, you ❤️ I highly recommend that every woman do this at some point in her life. It truly is an empowering experience 🖤"~Crystal

couple in the shower in black and white

"We felt like rock stars"

"This was one of the most positive experiences we have ever had in front of a camera. We were scared, we’re not young, and we’re not sexy but after an hour in front of the camera with the staff at Impressions Studio we felt like rock stars! I highly suggest doing this at least once in your life and be sure if you do, you do it at Impressions Studio." ~Crissy

beautiful curvy black woman

"You will Immediately feel comfortable."

I had my session with Shalee and she is simply put, AMAZING! She is patient, and reassuring and such a good soul. You will immediately feel so comfortable with her. I came in knowing nothing about how to pose, or what to do and she walks you through step by step. We laughed so much!! Will definetely be booking with here again ~Liz

From Babe to Beauty!!

Let's chat about your unique beauty and how I can help you feel hot af!

Minimum investment starts at $1800.

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