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"I am so much more confident"

"I did boudoir and was completely blown away by the results! I've been wanting to do them for some time now. I was so worried I wasn't ready, but after spending the time with Shalee, I am so much more confident and feel like I am so much more than what I let myself believe." ~Emily

woman laying on the floor in a back arch

"After hating my body for so many years"

"When it was time for photos I was very nervous, but Shalee guided me through every pose from head to toes and we started fully clothed until I was comfortable enough to change into other outfits. Pretty soon it was just like hanging out with your best friend who hypes you up in all the best ways. Once the photos were ready to pick my favorites I fully expected to only like one or two, but Shalee does such an outstanding job that I had trouble picking and wanted to keep them all. After hating my body for so many years and refusing to even acknowledge it, it was really empowering and important for me to see myself through a different lens and love myself for a change. I can’t thank Shalee enough for celebrating my 1 year self harm free with a stunning photoshoot."

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"We felt like rock stars"

"This was one of the most positive experiences we have ever had in front of a camera. We were scared, we’re not young, and we’re not sexy but after an hour in front of the camera with the staff at Impressions Studio we felt like rock stars! I highly suggest doing this at least once in your life and be sure if you do, you do it at Impressions Studio." ~Crissy

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"Your the hottest B*****."

Shalee is such an amazing and beautiful soul!!!! She is a confidence booster, she makes you feel like your the hottest B**** in taking photos. I highly recommend anyone to do a photo shoot with her you will not regret it, it’s so worth it.

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