Hi, This is me..Shalee (shuh-lee)

Small Town Boudoir Photographer, Wife, Mom and Pet Lover

I am here to help you on your way to a huge confidence boost and a really fun time. During your boudoir session I will hype you up, we will laugh a lot, and I'll show you how stunning you truly are throughout your session.

I have worked with women/couples of all sizes, shapes and age (over 18). Don't count yourself out because I will tell you how it is... you are unique, you are beautiful, and you can do this!

I'm here for you! You are always in good hands with me from start to finish. I will walk you through every step of the process including outfits to posing. All you need to do is show up.

Let's do this ladies!!

Did you know we have a Podcast?


Me and my studio manager and bff decided we need to start a podcast to talk about all the fun shit we do day to day and empowering women.

We have special guests to dive into their lives and their boudoir experience with me.

We play explicit games, we ask dirty questions and always have fun.

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I am originally from Utah and moved to Northern California in 2008 where I first picked up a camera. I had a love for the beautiful nature NorCal has to offer and started taking photos for a childrens book staring my kiddos playing in the redwoods. After many years living in the woods we moved to town where life completely changed, and I had to solely take care of my kids. That's when I bought a new camera and computer and started offering photos as a business in 2015.

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Let's chat about your unique beauty and how I can help you feel hot af!