woman laying on her back on teel satin sheets
woman in a red robe holding a book looking out the window
woman with red lipstick gazing through the lights
woman laying on her stomach on a red vintage couch
woman leaning back playing with her hair
woman with red bottom heels laying on the couch
woman in an egg chair
curvy woman laying on a white fuzzy rug
woman laying on the floor in a back arch with plants around her
woman leaning against a grey wall
woman wearing levis jean sitting on a stool
woman on her knees looking into a mirror
woman walking away from the camera
woman in levi jeans holding a hat in front of her
woman leaning on a chair playing with her hair


Love yourself, your body, your mind, your heart. Take comfort in knowing if you practice this you will find your power and that power will make you unstoppable. -Emily Comnick

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female photographer holding her camera sitting in a chair