Are you boudie curious? Maybe you’ve googled “boudoir photography near me,” checked out a couple of boudoir photography websites, browsed Instagram, or maybe even joined the Boudoir by Shalee private Facebook group. You’ve done your research into sensual photography, but all that has left you wondering - what is a boudoir photography session really like? Well, I’m here to answer all of the questions you’ve been too nervous to ask - like how much a boudoir photo shoot costs, what to wear, why it’s worth it!  I want to take the unknown out of the equation and explain exactly what to expect when you book your boudoir photo shoot!  

Before Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

It all begins with you.  You can reach out via email, private message on social media, or through my website.  We’ll start with an informal chit chat, discuss what you hope to gain from a lingerie photo shoot, any concerns you might have, etc.  When you’re ready, we’ll find a date and time to schedule your luxury boudoir photo shoot at my studio in Willits, Ca. 

To get on the books, you’ll need to pay a $400 non-refundable retainer.  This covers the cost of hair & makeup, access to our exclusive Client Closet, the photo shoot itself, and up to 80 professionally retouched images to choose from. You can pay through Venmo, PayPal, FB Pay, or Credit Card. 

Then, I’ll send over a contract that has 5 different package options to choose from. The minimum package starts at $1500, but my most popular offering is the Stunning Package.  This includes 2-3 outfit changes and up to 5 scene options during your boudoir photography session, an 8x8 Luxury Album with 20 professionally retouched images of your choice, corresponding digital Images, and a 8x12 Metal Print. The Stunning Package is available for $2500.

If you need some time to pay, we can arrange a pre-payment plan up to 7 months in advance.  That way, you don’t have anything to worry about when you arrive for your session.  You’ll be able to focus on nailing your poses and being your best self.

I’ll send you a pre-session checklist, letting you know everything you need to bring to Impressions Studio on the day of your session, including outfit options like a basic bra & panty set, shoes, and more!  I also share some helpful beauty tips, like making sure to wear loose fitting clothing before your shoot to avoid lines on your skin.  

If it will help you get pumped for your session, you’re welcome to come by my studio in downtown Willits to browse the Client Closet, which is filled with a wide array of sexy outfits  I love doing plus size boudoir photography, so I keep a collection of body positive, size inclusive lingerie, robes, shoes, and accessories.  You’ll find outfits ranging from quite modest to rather risque, available in so many beautiful colors!  

At My Boudoir Studio in Willits

When you arrive at Impressions Studio - located at 25 W. Mendocino Avenue in Willits - my team will be ready to make you feel pampered, supported, and absolutely gorgeous. 

With your permission, I will snap a quick “before” pic for comparison.  Then we’ll get to work on helping you perfect your look.  One of Willits’ premiere beauty specialists - either Sara Basaldua with Cherished Beauty or Krista Shafter from Elevated Beauty - will handle all your hair and makeup needs!  Whether you’re looking for a classic pin up photography session or something dark and moody, these talented ladies will help you achieve the look you want! If you have specific ideas, you can bring pictures.  However, if you have no idea what you want, they can offer expert suggestions to help guide you.

After hair & makeup has worked their magic, we’ll head over to the Client Closet. There, I’ll help you choose 2-3 outfits, including whatever you brought from home (or not).  If you have any specific body parts you’d love to highlight, this is a great time to let me know.  We’ll decide what outfits will look best with which scenes, and go through any last minute questions. 

Then the real fun begins! 

So many people are nervous that they won’t know how to pose or that they’ll feel awkward.  However, my real expertise as a boudoir photographer is in helping women feel comfortable, confident, and sexy.  I have hundreds of poses I can walk you through, step-by-step.  I can help guide your breathing through your session (between all the giggles, of course) so that your facial expression will be on point at the moment I snap my photos. 

I’ll show you the images on the camera when you need a confidence boost. Clients are absolutely blown away by how sexy they look!  So much of sex appeal is all about attitude and my ultimate goal is to give you the confidence to show off yours.

The boudoir photography session, which is about an hour long, always seems to go by in a flash!  Once we finish your shoot, we’ll go over your package option together.  We’ll also book a time in the next 48 hours to meet up and select your photos!

After Your Boudoir Photography Session

During your photo viewing session, I’ll have up to 80 lightly retouched digital images ready for you to choose from. You can decide which, if any, photos you want to share, and of course which images you’d like to have included in your album, digital image collection, and prints.  

Then, we’ll discuss your Luxury Album.  You can select a cover image or choose from over 50 fabrics including leather, velvet, or linen.  They come with complimentary gold, silver, or black page gilding and I include a free foil stamping at the end of your album.  This could be your favorite saying, anniversary date, your name - the options are endless! 

Once we walk through all the customization options, I will finalize your photo edits, and send you your digital images - which, unlike most boudoir studios - I include with every package.  All prints and other products will be delivered within 10 days of your boudoir photography session. I pride myself on my speedy turnaround!   

I truly hope that this guide has helped you understand how a boudoir photo shoot works.  However, if you still have any questions, I am always stoked to talk about boudoir.  I’ve worked hard to make myself, not just the best boudoir photographer in Willits or Mendocino County, but a true expert in the field.  I want you to have absolute confidence in me as a boudoir photographer before you book, so you can have the most exciting, empowering boudoir shoot possible!  My clients walk away from their sessions with a renewed confidence and appreciation for their body, and above all, that’s what I want the opportunity to share with you!

Hi! I'm Shalee your boudoir expert.

Thank you for reading over how your boudoir day will go from start to finish. It's an experience every woman or couple should experience. Feel free to reach out to me at any time to go over any questions you may have or just to come to the studio and see what I have to offer to help you feel amazing about the unique skin you're in.

Sneak Peek of how your day will go with Boudoir by Shalee