Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Couples Boudoir is a perfect gift for you both. Not only do you both get to do this experience together, but you also get to go home after the session and re-live your experience and what you learned. I guide you through every pose while you both just focus on each other. You do not need to know what you are doing. I've got you! We laugh and joke around and capture the true love between the two of you.

With Valentine's Day coming this is the best gift idea to give to that special someone. Couple's boudoir benefits both of you in so many ways. My studio is LGBTQIA+ friendly and any gender is welcome. Females get their hair and makeup done by one of my professional hair and makeup artists while males get to go next door to the sports bar and relax before your big debut.

Once HMU is done, we go through my extensive client closet and find the perfect outfit for you. We find something that you feel nothing but sexy af in! Let's push for the Wow Factor!! Get you out of your comfort zone just a little... then a lot!!

Then we get to the good part. Do Not Stress about posing! I do all the hard work for you, all you have to do is focus on your lover and practice your self control. Lol You will have plenty of time once you get home to practice some poses you learned. We will keep it simple and sexy. I have worked with all size and shape of human and I promise you will be so happy with your results.

All of my couples are on cloud 9 by the time they leave my studio. You will be so high on each other you will totally forget that I am there. You won't even pay attention to anything except the beauty in front of you and that is the point.

You will get your proofs within 48 hours from your session to choose your favorites!! No messing around. When you book your couples boudoir session, you will have all your prints and products with in 10 days of your session as well. It's not fun to wait for weeks and weeks for your photos. You are my top priority and I make sure you have everything to you by your deadline date.

What are you waiting for? What questions do you have? Why aren't you on the schedule yet? Let's do this!

couple sitting on a blue ottoman