Going to Aruba

Yes you read that right, I'm branching out for destination boudoir photo sessions. Have you been itching to get sexy photos taken on the beautiful beaches and waterfalls around the world? Me too!

In October of 2023 I will be going to Aruba with Kelli Conner, my favorite boudoir educator. There will be around 12 photographers going and several educators to teach us the ropes of destination photography.

We will be wandering the towns taking beautiful photos. We will be on the beaches, by the pool, in nature and so much more learning from each other and taking in all the knowledge and fun.

Once I return home (Northern California) I will have the tools to start my own destination boudoir trips. My plan is to start simple with a over night stay in Fort Bragg, CA. There we will have sexy hotel room or air bnb to capture some private boudoir photos. Then explore the town finding some historical places to twirl your skirts and capture some beautiful casual shots. Then off to the beach for your sexy sunset photoshoot.

This is going to be an all day event and stay the night with other amazing women and friends.

I am also planning to do this same thing in Tahoe, Hawaii, Aruba, Loreto Mexico and more!! I have so many big plans to expand my business to not only an amazing studio but to beautiful destinations, beaches, historical town, waterfalls, forests and more.

Destination boudoir is so much different than set up studio boudoir because I will be shooting on the fly in places I've never been to before, but no worries, I've been photographing on the fly for my entire career. I pride myself on my ability to capture people in their natural moments rather than poses. I will pose you when needed but natural speaks for itself. I've got you girl.

This is going to be super fun and full of so much adventure. Not only will you get the most amazing boudoir experience, we will be in beautiful places, you will meet like minded women, and get amazing photos to look back on.

Feel free to send me a message and we can chat about your destination boudoir date.

woman standing in a room with plants in a pink shirt