Why I do what I do

Being a Boudoir Photographer comes with a lot of hate from people that think that it's only about sex. And who cares if it is for you, being a sexual person is ok! It's 2024... people have sex, feel sexy, and love themselves. That's what our bodies are designed to do and it's enjoyable for most people. Besides that, doing a boudoir photoshoot can be customized to any definition you feel is within your comfort levels.

I have had some girls that want to wear jeans and a tshirt. Some girls wear a robe. Some girls wear an oversized sweater with long socks. Some go without anything at all on. No matter where you are in your comfort level is perfect. It's all about YOU feeling comfortable and confident in your own unique skin.

There's nobody else like you and that in its self should be celebrated!

I started doing boudoir photos 8 years ago when I first started learning photography. It was exciting and I'm positive I was more nervous than my client was. I was used to shooting with kids and now I have this woman's feelings about herself in my hands. It was a lot on my shoulders. After her photoshoot and seeing how empowered she was I wanted more. After several photoshoots I realized I have the ability to help women see themselves through someone else's eyes and it was powerful!!

I continued to do all kinds of photoshoots from babies, to cake smash sessions, fairy photos and so much more but Boudoir was where my heart was. For the past 2 years I have soley focused on boudoir and have shot with hundreds of women of all sizes and shapes. Each woman has a different reason for why she is doing her self-love session whether it was for fun, a milestone, weight loss or gain, for a partner, to gain confidence and so many other reasons.

When people say that what I'm doing is wrong it just reminds me that they are the problem. People that hate on boudoir isn't secure with themselves. Women need to support each other when it comes to our bodies and I'm here for it. Beauty standards need to be thrown out the window and just be your own authentic self.

Life's to short to give a shit what anyone thinks of you. Do the photoshoot. Feel good about yourself and get your ass in front of my camera. I'm a trust worthy woman just trying to help you get though this life with some joy and love for yourself.

Want more info? Send me a message at impressionsstudio.org